How it Works

Giftme povides your business with the tools necessary to unlock new sale channels and markets.

In order to use Giftme, your account will go through the following stages:

Gift card redeption is very easy with GiftMe.

How to redeem a gift card in-store or on spot:

  • Request gift card code

    Currently there are two(2) ways to redeem a gift card. You may do so from your GiftMe dashboard or use our redemption app found in the app store and google play store to scan and redeem.

  • Verify gift card Status (Active/Inactive)

    Verify the gift card details, by ensuring that its status is active. Giftcards maybe be active, void or expired.

  • Processing the transaction

    You may choose to partially or fully redeem the giftcard.

  • Review

    All redemptions are logged under your transactions section on your dashoard.

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