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Setup your digital gift store with Giftme

Use our service to sell gift cards online and have them redeemed/used in-store.

Cashless Transactions

Digital giftcards can be redeemed instore by using our GiftMe redeption app.

Digital Presence

Use our hosted link to promote and sell your digital gift cards.

Global Accessibility

You can promote and sell your gift cards in over 100 countries world wide, thus increasing sales and brand awareness.

Very simple and easy to use

Just follow these steps to start sending through Giftme

Create Account

Register with us by providing the requested details for account creation

Setup Digital Gift Store

Customize your digital gift store to represent your business

Create Gift Cards

Create and manage gift cards that can be redeemed at your business location(s)

Publish & Promote

When you're ready, publish your page on our network or get an embeded link for your website.

Join the Giftme community today and receive:

  • Processing fees waived on all in-store transactions

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  • Free digital gift card templates

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